Laurel Soap – Ηair Loss & Dandruff | Saint Anne Skete – Mount Athos


A  simple and effective Mount Athos soap that is ideal to combat hairloss and dandruff. It is available exclusively via the Mount Athos products exhibition e-shop.

Net weight: 80-90g

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100% natural soap with extra virgin olive oil, laurel oil, rosemary extract and chamomile.

It is a unique monastic product from Mount Athos that is certified by the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece. The excellent quality described by its pure components, make it extremely popular among other Athonite products. Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, saponified olive oil, distilled water, laurel oil, coconut oil while it may also contain traces of herbs.

Produced and packaged in the Hut of St. George on Mount Athos, that belongs to the Skete of Saint Anne.

Net weight: 80-90g.

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