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Lavender is one of the most famous herbs all around the world, not only because of its beautiful aroma but also because it has many properties beneficial for the human body.


Net Weight: 45 gr

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Lavender to fight intense stress

Lavender took its name by the Italian «lavare» which means wash. And that’s because the ancient Romans used to bathe in water with lavender in it. It is well known that lavender helps to relax a sleepless person and give a sense of well being.

Lavender: Properties

Lavender is used for depression because the beautiful aroma of this herb can help you to relax, even if you are a sleepless person and it is also good to relax muscles, reduce stress and bring out a sense of well being. Lavender also helps to relieve headache, reduce stress levels and decrease  anxiety. One study found that lavender increased the percentage of deep sleep time in healthy men and women. It also can combat fungal infections and has antimicrobial activity. It may help prevent hair loss, has wound-healing properties and can help with  migraine attacks.


Add a tablespoon of the herb in a pot and then put inside boiled water. Leave it for about five – ten minutes and then strain it. If you want to add a bit of sweetness to your tea, try adding a small spoonful of honey.


Net Weight: 45 gr

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