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An icon with the representation of Virgin Mary Glykofilousa crafted by a monk at Mount Athos with the technique of lithography and following the Byzantine style.


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Origin: Mount Athos


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Lithography with Virgin Mary Glykofilousa

This icon has the representation of Virgin Mary Sweet Kissing (Glykofilousa) which is always close to the face of her child. We can see that Christ is nesting inside her arms and His look turns to Virgin Mary while She turns her look to Jesus. The original icon of Virgin Mary Glykofilousa was the property of Victoria, wife of the eikonomachos senator Symeon, who, in order to save it threw it into the sea.

The icon, floating upright on the waves, reached the arsanas of the Monastery of Philotheou, where it was received with great honour and rejoicing by the Abbot and fathers of the Monastery, who had been warned of its advent by a revelation of the Theotokos. At the point on the shore where they placed the icon, holy water gushed out. Virgin Mary is Known by many different epithets that has been given to Her through the history of Orthodox Church. One of these names is Glykofilousa which means Sweet Kissing.

Lithography: Characteristics

A beautiful lithography with the representations of Virgin Mary Glykofilousa. Monks are learning the technique of lithography at iconography workshops at Mount Athos so they can create with love and patience these excellent artworks. At this icon the monk used a lithographic copy of Byzantine art to create this artwork. He also applied the process of artificial maturation by hand to give this icon unique aesthetic value. Lithography is a method of printing originally based on the immiscibility of oil and water.


The icon is available upon order within 5 business days


Origin: Mount Athos

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