Lithography – Antique Painting Technique – Saint George


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The lithography in antique painting technique with Saint George shows the great martyr on his white horse to defeat the dragon. The horse in a vigorous attitude and the purple mantle of the saint give the image gesture and majesty.


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Saint George, the great martyr and trophy bearer, was born in Cappadocia in 275 AD by Christian parents. When his father martyred Christ, his mother and ten-year-old George settled in her hometown of Palestine. At the age of 18 George joined the Roman army. He was quickly promoted to senior posts, acquiring the title of Earl.

Emperor Diocletian, in his effort to defeat the Christians, brings together all the officials to take on the devastating struggle against them. George, being among them, confesses in front of the emperor that he is a Christian.

Diocletian was outraged and imprisoned by submitting him to a series of martyrs. The executioners tied George to a big wheel. As soon as the wheel moved, the sharp irons began to cut its body. Then there was a voice from heaven saying “do not be afraid of George, for I am with you” and an angel freed the saint by healing his wounds.

Then they threw George into a pit with lime and water to dissolve his bones. George, however, remained untouched. Diocletian then ordered George to wear incandescent shoes with iron nails and forcing him to walk. St. George prayed and walked without anything.

Subsequently, they crippled George by wounding all his body. He kept shining like an angel. They were imprisoned again. Then, Saint George saw in his dream that Christ would announce to him that he would receive the wreath of martyrdom. The next morning, soldiers led George in front of Diocletian. George once again refused to sacrifice to idols and Diocletian ordered to decapitate him.

The faithful servant of George, Pasikratis, fulfilling the saint’s wish, took over the relic of the great martyr and, along with that of the mother of Saint Polychronia, carried it to Lydda, Palestine. From there the Crusaders transferred them to the West. The Church celebrates the memory of Saint George on April 23rd.

Lithograph of Saint George

Using a lithographic copy of Byzantine art, the hagiographer, a monk of Mount Athos, created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging, followed in the Virgin Mary’s Garden.


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