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A very special picture full of symbolism. The lithography depicting Jesus as the Good Shepherd is inspired by the corresponding parable of the Gospel and symbolizes the Lord’s bottomless love for the people.


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Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd

The Lord, in the homonym parable recorded by the Gospel of John (11), said, “I am the good shepherd.” He likened himself to a shepherd, a shepherd, who has a flock to the Church, that is to say the faithful.

Jesus, as a loving and good shepherd, loves and sincerely cares for his flock. He takes care of it and deals with it constantly. He takes care of all the needs of the members of his flock and he is constantly anxious about their safety and protection.

The parable of the Good Shepherd wants to highlight God’s endless love for people. God may be infinite, but human can develop a personal love relationship with Him.

The second element that reveals the love of the Lord is that He recommended His flock not to win anything from it, as people feed from their flock but to provide its sheep with a wealth of donations. A spiritual bond is developed between the Good Shepherd and every member of His rational flock.

The love of the Lord for his flock is so great that if a sheep breaks out of the flock, he cares so much about it. Secure the rest and rush until he finds this one.

Lithography The Good Shepherd: Characteristics

Using a lithographic copy of Byzantine art, the hagiographer monk created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging, as taught on Mount Athos. At the four corners, the image is crafted with a gold finish, among the dances of artificial aging.


The icon is available upon order within 5 business days

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