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The patron of seamen saint Nicholas is depicted in a rare depiction to save those who are at risk in the sea. Exquisite lithography is an excellent copy of Byzantine art, crafted by a monk on Mount Athos.


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Saint Nicholas was born in Parthos of Lycia in the 3rd century AD, by devout parents. It was the era of the emperors Diocletian (284-304 BC), Maximianus (286-305 BC) and Constantine the Great.

He was an orphan at an early age, inheriting from his parents great wealth. Nicholas, inspired by philanthropic feelings, possessed his fortune to relieve those in need.

He then devoted himself to ascetic life. However, due to his distinct virtue, he was honored, without pursuing it, initially with the office of the priest in Patara and then with the office of Archbishop Myron. From this position he loved his flock and admitted the truth of the Gospel with boldness. This led to his capture and imprisonment by local rulers.

When Constantine became emperor, all Christians who were imprisoned were released. Thus, Nicholas returned to the Archbishop’s throne of Myron. He even took part in the First Ecumenical Council, where he stood out for his wisdom and morals.

Saint Nicholas was gifted, as long as he was still alive, with the gift of miracles. His miracles to date are innumerable. He slept in 330 BC. The Church celebrates his memory on 6 December and is the patron saint of the seamen.

Lithographs Saint Nicholas: Characteristics

Using a lithographic copy of Byzantine art, the hagiographer monk created this work following the traditional method of artificial aging, as taught on Mount Athos. At the four corners, the image is crafted with a gold finish, among the dances of artificial aging.


The icon is available upon order within 5 business days

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