Long Mount Athos Worry Beads – Natural Wood – Nutmeg aroma – Brown Color

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Mount Athos Worry Beads with 100% natural wood and nutmeg aroma stand out with their superior quality. They are adorned with a beautiful metal jewelry and are handmade by Athonite Monks.
Beads: 23
Color: Brown

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Long Mount Athos Worry Beads with natural wood and nutmeg aroma in brown color

The Long Mount Athos worry beads that are handmade by Mount Athos monks stand out thanks to their superior quality.

The rosary beads consist of 100% nutmeg wood.

It is a unique product that does not lose its aroma and has a pleasant feeling in the hands. It gives a unique sense of peace while at the same time it produces a pleasant sound.

The Mount Athos worry beads are available at an elegant packaging which keeps the nutmeg aroma intact.

As it is stressed out in the text that accompanies the product: “The rose doesn’t speak but has a pleasant aroma. In the same way, we should smell nice and emit spiritual fragrance, the fragrance of God. The aroma of our acts should sound good, clean, fair and full of Love. Only in this way can the Kingdom of our Lord appear which exists in our heard, to reveal not with words but with act. Amen”

Mount Athos Worry Beads with natural wood and nutmeg aroma bear a metal jewelry at their ending. It is an ideal gift for those you love since it is an exceptional monastic handiwork, which is extremely rare and beautiful.

Another authentic Mount Athos product that is made with love, care and prayer by Athonite Monks on the Garden of Virgin Mary!

Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: 23
Color: Brown

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