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Lemon balm is known from ancient years for its properties. It was used for wounds          and snake bites and it is recommended until now to soothe symptoms of stress and for relaxation.


Net Weight: 40 gr

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Lemon balm to fight anxiety and stress

According to historical information ancient Greeks and Arabs knew the properties of lemon balm and they believed that this herb helps to decrease the symptoms of depression. Indeed recent studies shows that lemon balm is effective in decreasing the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Lemon balm: Properties

Lemon balm can help relieve stress. It is said that can soothe symptoms of stress, help you to relax and boost your mood and it can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, such as nervousness and excitability. This herb may also boost cognitive function, fight insomnia and other sleep disorders. It may also help relieve indigestion, frequent abdominal pain and discomfort and it can help treat feelings of nausea. Studies have shown that lemon balm may help minimize menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. And it also may help with headaches especially if they’re happening as a result of stress. Its relaxing properties can help to release tension and relax your muscles.


Add a tablespoon of the herb in a pot and then put inside boiled water. Leave it for about five – ten minutes and then strain it. If you want to add a bit of sweetness to your tea, try adding a small spoonful of honey.



Net Weight: 40 gr


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