Metochi Mylopotamos – Rose Dry Mount Athos Wine


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The new rosé wine from Mylopotamos on Mount Athos will attract even the most discerning tasters. The lightweight body, its tannins and delicacy make it a real treat. It is consumed plain while it accompanies delicious meats and cheeses.
Net Weight: 750ml

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Mount Athos rosé wine from Mylopotamos

Metochi Mylopotamos is the new fine wine produced and bottled by the monks of Mylopotamos on Mount Athos. It is an authentic Athonite product which is made with the personal care of the monk Epiphanios.

Metochi Mylopotamos is rosé dry wine and belongs to the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. Cabernet is a really tasty wine. Due to its acidity and the tannins it contains, it accompanies excellent meat and complex flavors such as beefsteak and beef fillet. Like all wines, rose Metochi Mylopotamos loves cheeses, spicy, oily, white and yellow.

Vineyards of Mylopotamos

The vineyards of Mylopotamos, which is the largest metochi of the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra, are located on the eastern side of the Athos peninsula. Their roots are spread out from rocky slopes to the crystal clear waters of Strymonikos Gulf.

The climatic conditions prevailing in the area with tmany necessary rainfall, the sea and the sun that shines the vineyards, combined with ecological care and the care of the monks, create all the necessary conditions for the production of fine grapes. Collection, vinification, ripening and bottling are made at the Mylopotamos winery and they give excellent wines, which are distinguished for their quality and taste.

Mylopotamos has a long tradition in winery. The monks who live there are engaged in the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine for more than a thousand years, from the time of St. Athanasius the Athonite.


Meet the fine wines of Mylopotamos, Mount Athos Epifanis and White Wine Mylopotamos.


Alcoholic Grades: 14%
Origin: Holy Cell of St. Eustathios of Mylopotamos
Net Weight: 750ml

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