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Made from pure materials, moisturizing lotion bar with lavender is ideal for everyday facial and body care. It is a genuine and innovative monastic product. It is available in practical packaging to keep it with you.
Net Weight: 20gr / 50gr

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Pure moisturizing lotion bar with lavender and almond oil for face & body!

Facial and body moisturizing lotion bar with lavender is a genuine natural monastic product. It is made by the nuns in the holy monastery of Panagia Pantanassa. The nuns innovate and make excellent and completely natural products for the daily care of the epidermis.

Moisturizing lotion bar: Ingredients

Facial and body moisturizing lotion bar contains: beeswax, curry butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, chamomile oil, almond oil, lavender essential oil.

Moisturizing lotion bar: Properties

Moisturizing lotion bar for face and body condenses to a small extent all the moisturizing and nutritional properties of the butter and the oils it contains. It deeply hydrates the skin and strengthens its elasticity.

The moisturizing lotion bar cares for and soothes sensitive skin while treating the burns that can come from exposure to the sun. The moisturizing lotion bar with lavender cools and relieves the skin after exposure to sunlight and high temperature.

The curry butter it contains increases the elasticity of the skin and maintains its natural moisture. It also enhances the skin’s defense against external factors such as solar radiation and air pollution. At the same time, it fights free radicals and acts as an anti-aging agent.

Lavender essential oil works relaxing, especially when lotion bar is used after bathing. It has soothing properties and cares for the dry, damaged and sunburned skin.

Beeswax has significant beneficial properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, softening and healing. It keeps the skin hydrated.

Moisturizing lotion bar: Use

Gently rub the moisturizing lotion bar on the points you want to soak and let the natural heat of your body or face melt the lotion, absorbing its beneficial properties. The moisturizing lotion bar is contained in a practical lightweight package so you can keep it with you.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa
Net Weight: 20gr / 50gr

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