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From the blessed lands of Mount Athos, Monastic Basil is a 100% natural product. It stands out thanks to its tonic and anticonvulsant properties. Tea with Basil strengthens memory, improves mental clarity and combats anxiety and insomnia.
Net Weight: 50g



Basil from Mount Athos Pharmacy in Karyes

Discover a 100% authentic Athonite product. Basil is collected & packaged by monks who live on the Garden of the Virgin Mary, according to a long tradition of Athonite Father’s engagement with medicinal plants.

Thanks to its high content of flavonoids, it has strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions.

Mount Athos Basil: Top Health Benefits

Basil is famous not only for its flavor but mainly for the various benefits it has on human health. The active ingredients that it contains protect cells from radiation and oxidation.

Particularly strong are its antibacterial properties. Due to its volatile oils, Basil protects against the action of microorganisms, such as Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus. At the same time, it has excellent anti-inflammatory action and can alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic bowel inflammation.

Itl has also strong tonic properties. This is why it is used in kidney diseases as well as cases of nervous pains. It helps in digestion, constipation, gastritis and other intestinal disorders. It is emmenagogue and relieves flatulence.

Rich in antioxidant provitamin A, it cures asthma, and is a good source of magnesium that promotes cardiovascular health. It also contains potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Greek tradition says that the mist from boiling Basil heals earaches and ear infections.

Basil for robust memory!

Basil promotes mental health. For the weak memory, melancholy, general fatigue, & intellectual overwork; try drinking a cup of it every night.

Its anticonvulsant properties relieve us from anxiety, nervous insomnia, dizziness and whooping cough.

It is advisable not to use without specialist’s advice.

Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy, Karyes
Net Weight: 50g

Κελί Αγίου Γεωργίου Καλαθά Καρυές Αγίου Όρους Κελί Αγίου Γεωργίου Καλαθά Καρυές Αγίου Όρους Κελί Αγίου Γεωργίου Καλαθά Καρυές Αγίου Όρους

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