Monastic Brass Oil Lamp with Lid


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Charming monastic Brass Oil Lamp with Lid. An authentic handmade product that stands out for its carved designs. Practical to use and covered for greater safety, it is ideal for daily use in every home.

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Monastic Brass Oil Lamp with Lid

The Brass Oil Lamp with Lid is an authentic, monastic product. It is carved and elegantly fit into any space. It is ideal for prayer, the church even in the home living room.

It has cover seconded from the base of the oil lamp. You can use it either with the cap or without it. The cap gives more safety  because you can leave the oil lamp lit with the lid up while you are away from home.

The brackets at the bottom of the base makes it more practical. The warm base of oil lamp, when it is on, is not in contact with the surface on which the oil lamp is mounted.

Oil Lamp and its Tradition

According to Orthodox tradition, every day in our home we should have the oil lamp on. In this way we manifest that we want to live a brighter life in the light of God.

Triune God is called The Light. On Pentecost Sunday, a hymn states that “Light the Father, Light the Son, Light and the Holy Spirit.” That is why Church wants the light of Christ illuminates everywhere and every loyal son converted to light. So in churches there are lights, chandeliers and lamps in front of icons and shrines. On the altar the unsleeping oil lamp is burning continuously.

That’ s why Christians every day are lit on the oil lamp in front of the icons or the prayer of their home. It is a symbolic act, a small daily offering to God and the saints.

The lighting of the oil lamp is a sign of gratitude and love to God for all the blessings which daily gives to his creatures. It is also an incentive for self-sacrifice. As the wick burns in the oil lamp, so, that is, burning and our own will with the flame of love and obedience to our Father, God.

Available from Mount Athos Product Exhibition. Discover more about our monastic oil lamps collection and air fresheners.

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