Monastic Heather Honey (2 sizes)


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Genuine Monastic Heather Honey (or Sousoura Honey) with distinctive strong flavor and delicate aroma. It stands out for its excellent quality and high nutritional value. It helps stimulate the body and good functioning of the digestive system.
Net Weight: 470gr / 950gr

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Authentic Monastic Heather Honey from Holy Monastery of Saint Jacob Adelphotheos

Monastic Heather Honey is a genuine natural and pure product. It is collected and packed by the monks of Holy Monastery of Saint Jacob Adelphotheos, with respect to nature. Beekeepers monks follow only traditional methods for harvesting honey and packaging it.

Monastic Heather Honey or Sousoura Honey stands out from other kinds of honey for its rich nutritional ingredients and its characteristic flavor. It is a fine honey, ideal for both young and old.

What is Sousoura?

Sousoura is the autumn heather, one of the most important bee-keeping plants in Greece. It has astringent, diuretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. It effectively contributes to the management of digestive problems as well as stomach upsets. Thanks to its tranquilizing qualities, it helps in the treatment of nervous overstimulation, nervous exhaustion and insomnia.

Monastic Heather Honey: Properties

Monastic Heather Honey has dark color, characteristic and rich flavor and delicate aroma. Its texture, light and buttery, leaves a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

Because of its high content of pollen, it has high nutritional value for the human body. It is one of the best food choices for stimulating and strengthening the body.

Scientific research has shown that heather honey has the highest content of phenols compared to other kinds of honey. Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, it contributes to the anti-aging process and improves the health of the body.

Monastic Heather Honey has, also, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in normal functioning of the digestive system and in the reduction of bad cholesterol.

Monastic Heather Honey is collected from September to November. During this period heather is in a particularly rich flowering.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Jacob Adelphotheos
Net Weight: 470gr / 950gr

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