Monastic Oak Honey – 450g · 950g


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Exceptional and natural monastic oak honey, nutrient- rich with a distinctive aroma from the nectar of the oak tree flowers in the mountains of North Greece. It is collected with love and dedication by the monks of the Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just.
Net Weight: 450g 950g
Origin: Saint James the Just Monastery

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Monastic Oak Honey – Rich in nutrients

Monastic Oak Honey is a genuine and pure natural product. It is produced from the nectar of oak flowers in the forests of Northern Greece. It is collected with care and dedication by the monks of the Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just.

Monastic Oak Honey is dark- colored honey with special flavor and many nutrients. Scientific research about the antioxidant action of different types of honey has shown that oak honey has the strongest.

Monastic Oak Honey: Properties

Monastic Oak Honey is one of the most nutritious types of honey. It is rich source of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium and has a low sugar concentration. The enzymes it contains enhance the metabolism and function of the vital organs.

Oak honey contributes to the treatment of gastric disorders, influenza, hemorrhoids and overwork. It also has disinfectant, astringent and healing properties that help the urinary and digestive system and provides antimicrobial action in the intestine.

Honey: A nutritional treasure!

Greek honey, as shown by scientific research, is one of the best in the world. It even has a stronger antioxidant effect even from famous honeys from abroad.

Honey is an excellent tonic for the human body as it gives it the energy and well-being that it needs every day. It strengthens the immune system against viruses and colds. It also works well for heart function. Honey acts soothingly in the brain and helps the body to relax. A honey drink before bedtime will help you get rid of the fatigue of the day.

Although crystallization is a characteristic of pure, raw honey, oak honey crystallizes more slowly than other types of honey.

Keep monastic oak honey in cool and dry place.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just
Net Weight: 450g / 950g

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