Monastic Prayer Rope with fridges- 100 Knots


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Authentic Monastic Prayer Rope with 100 knots and colored intermediate beads. It ends in knitted cross and fringes. It is made according to the monastic tradition as handiwork. It is available with blue or red beads to choose.
Net Weight: 16gr

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Monastic Prayer Rope with fridges- 100 Knots

Prayer Rope with fridges and 100 knots is an authentic handmade monastic product. Following the centuries-old monastic tradition, Orthodox monks and nuns make prayer rope as their main handiwork.

During the knitting, they make warm prayer. That’s why Monastic Prayer Rope transfer to people who use it the blessing of monastic tradition.

How to use Monastic Prayer Rope

Prayer Rope is a loop made up of complex knots, usually out of wool or silk. It is an important tool for the hour of prayer not only for monks but also for all Orthodox Christians. It can be used as a talisman as well.

During their prayer, Christian says a short prayer, usually the “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” and counts a knot. So they can better concentrate on prayer, without being distracted their mind from thoughts and concerns.

Monastic Prayer Rope: Tradition

According to tradition, in 320 m. Ch. Saint Pachomios founded the first monastery in Thebais in Egypt, with the help of Saint Antonios. Then he started looking for a way to help the monks during their prayer. To be more focused on it. It is said that in his sleep Archangel Gabriel visited him and showed him how to make a device that would serve the needs of prayer. That was the prayer rope.

Many times, not have time to start praying and our mind goes to other things. Holding, however, Prayer Rope in our hands and counting its knots, we focus on the words of prayer and our thinking goes to the throne of God.
Monastic Prayer Rope with fridges and 100 knots has intermediate colored beads and results in knotted cross and black fringes. It is available with blue or red beads to choose.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas
Net Weight: 16gr

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