Monastic Rakomelo I 250ml – 500ml


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Traditional Monastic Rakomelo, made of pure raw materials. It is prepared with the care of the monks. Combining tsikoudia or tsipouro with honey, it offers the human body the beneficial properties of both of these ingredients.
Net Weight: 250ml / 500ml

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Monastic Rakomelo

Monastic Rakomelo is an alcoholic drink made in accordance with an old authentic monastic recipe. It is produced by the monks of Holy Monastery of Saint Jacob Adephotheos by combining their own homemade tsikoudia or tsipouro with honey. The process of fermentation of sugars for honey is used to prepare it.

Earlier, grandmothers used to give Rakomelo to their grandchildren as a cough medicine. Rakomelo, thanks to its two main ingredients, tsikoudia and honey, offers the human body the beneficial benefits of both.

How is Monastic Rakomelo used?

Rakomelo is usually drunk hot. It is the best cure medicine after relieving sore throat and cough. It even works as an expectorant, opening the airways.

It can be drunk either by itself or added to winter drinks. A cup of Rakomelo in tea makes it tastier and more effective. However, Rakomelo can be served cold and consumed as an aperitif after a meal.

Tsikoudia: Strong but beneficial

Tsikoudia is produced by the process of single distillation from the straffles, the pressed grapes which remain forty days in barrels where the fermentation takes place.

Tsikoudia is particularly digestible, especially when it is consumed after a high fat meal. If it is consumed after it has warmed up, it offers immediate relief to the sore throat. In various forms of colds, it can work soothing to the throat.

Tsikoudia is a strong drink. Its alcoholic strength varies. It ranges from 42 to 58 alcoholic degrees (Vol%).

Honey: The important food

Honey has strong antioxidant and anti-bacterial effects. It protects the human body from gastrointestinal disorders and ulcers. It relieves sore throat and cough.

Thanks to the vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and trace elements it contains, honey is an ally for human health and longevity.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Jacob Adelphotheos
Net Weight: 250ml / 500ml

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