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Genuine and undistorted Monastic Royal Jelly. From the honeycombs of the Holy Monastery of St. Jacob Adelphotheos, Monastic Royal Jelly arrives at your place fresh, in a special protective package, with all its beneficial properties.
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Royal Jelly is an authentic natural monastic product. It comes from the honeycombs of the Holy Monastery of St. Jacob Adelphotheos. The monks of the monastery are systematically engaged in beekeeping and produce excellent quality bee products.

Monastic Royal Jelly is particularly nutritious and stimulating for the human body. Its benefits are innumerable and contribute to the treatment of various ailments. Minimal quantity of it gives humans the energy they need every day.

Monastic Royal Jelly: What it is

It is a creamy substance that is secreted from the subpharyngeal glands of the bees. Its name comes from larvae bees intended to become queens, as well as from adult queens bees fed exclusively with a large amount of this food.

The color of the royal jelly is of great importance because it is an indicator of how fresh and suitable it is to eat. The fresh royal jelly has bright white to pale yellow color.

Monastic Royal Jelly: Benefits

Royal jelly has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Thanks to the rich nutrients it contains, such as pollen, proteins, sugars, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it helps people suffering from exhaustion and dizziness.

Royal Jelly helps treat rheumatoid arthritis while stimulating aged people and those who suffer from health problems. In case of lack of appetite, the use of royal jelly is extremely effective. Research on hypotensives has shown that it increases their pressure while generating a sense of euphoria. This is why it is recommended to treat anxiety, mental fatigue and depression.

The high content of royal jelly in acetylcholine helps reduce blood pressure and treat chronic constipation. It improves the ability to work and strengthens the human body.

The human body assumes from half to one gram of royal jelly. Half the gram (as much as we take with the tip of the spoon) is enough to give all the benefits to human

Monastic Royal Jelly is particularly delicate and is shipped in a special protective package to keep it fresh. This product is shipped only by courier. It is kept in a refrigerator.

Origin: Holy Monastery of St. Jacob Adelphotheos
Net Weight: 10gr

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