Monastic Vigil Lamp – Virgin Mary Icon


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Monastic Vigl Lamp with the Icon of Virgin holding Jesus Christ. The glass is a vivid orange color and hanging from an elaborate chain in gold color.
Dimension: 27×47

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This vigil lamp comes with a unique icon of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Vigil lamp is part of a Christian’s every day worship and prayers. Place pure olive oil in this beautiful vigil lamp of orange color and light the wick in order to enjoy a beautiful cored light.

Vigil lamps are lightened used in front of the icons in our house, in church or on the graves of our deceased loved ones. A vigil lamp is often mounted on top of a tube placed in the middle of a candle stand that is before an icon, where the faithful can place individual bee’s wax candles. In these cases the vigil lamp provides the source for the worshiper to light their candles.
In front of the icons an oil lamp should perpetually burn. Some families burn wax votive candles before the icons; however, according to the tradition one must burn olive oil. The traditional oil lamps direct our physical services and thoughts to God several times a day when we are required to trim the wick and refill the lamp with oil.

Why do we light a vigl lamp?

  • to imitate the Apostles and all the Saint, the children of light according to Apostle Paul
  • to return to the light path of the Gospel
  • to remind to us the continuity of our prayer
  • to discourage the dark forces that try to deviate our thinking from God while praying
  • to motivate us to sacrifice. As the oil burne in the candle wick, thus our will should be burned by the flame of love for Chris

We should make sure that our vigil lamp is absolutely clean before lighting it. We always use ONLY pure olive oil. The olive-oil symbolize our prayer to God in the Garden of Olives in Gethsemane.

Net Weight: 3kg
Dimension: 27×47

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