Mount Athos Black Olives Kalamon


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Mount Athos Black Olives Kalamon are authentic monastic products. They are harvested by hand and stand out for their taste and quality. The region of Chalkidiki has a long tradition in producing olives of excellent quality.
Net Weight: 1.000gr / Drained Weight: 600gr

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Mount Athos Black Olives- Kalamon Variety

Mount Athos Black Olives Kalamon are 100% natural product. They are collected one by one with hands of monks, who follow traditional natural methods.

With great care, Athonite fathers from Holy Hut of Saint Nickolas cultivate for decades the groves of Mount Athos. They use only natural traditional methods in harvesting and processing of olives, thus ensuring excellent quality and unique taste of the olives.

Mount Athos Black Olives Kalamon: Ingredients

The package contains:
• Black olives
• Water
• Salt

Keep the jar with Mount Athos Black Olives in a cool, dark and dry place. Once opened, you can store it in the refrigerator.

Black Olives: The benefits for health

Thanks to polyphenols containing, olives have significant anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the polyphenols, olives have their characteristic taste and flavor.

The olives contain vitamin E and other antioxidants. They, also, contain linoleic acid, which is particularly beneficial for nursing infants. In fact, the inefficiency of this acid is associated with certain skin diseases and developmental problems in infants.

People who must follow certain diet with low sodium content, especially hypertensive, should pay special attention to the olives, because they are high in sodium content.


Origin: Holy Hut of St. Nicholas of Holy Monastery of Iveron
Net Weight: 1.000gr

Drained Weight: 600gr

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