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Authentic Mount Athos Chestnut Honey is collected from the hives in Athonite forests. The monks from the Holy Cell of Holy Ascension produce exceptional Chestnut Honey, without impurities and added preservatives. Ideal for flavor combinations.
Net Weight: 450g / 950g

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Mount Athos Chestnut Honey from the Holy Cell of the Divine Ascension

Mount Athos Chestnut Honey is a natural product that stands out thanks to its authentic flavor and unique purity. It is collected from the beehives located in the virgine forests of Mount Athos by Athonite monks. With special care and love, the monks from the Holy Cell of the divine Ascension take care of the beehives and produce genuine Chestnut Honey.

Mount Athos Chestnut Honey: Uses

Mount Athos Chestnut Honey has strong flavor and is strongly aromatic. The flavor and aroma of this specific Mount Athos Honey is so strong and characteristic that a small proportion is sufficient to overcome the taste of any other honey. Mount Athos Chestnut Honey is moderately sweet. This is the reason why, in addition to being eaten plain or as a sweetener in hot drinks, it is ideal to be used in flavor combinations. It is also a great accompaniment to roasted meats and smoked cheeses.

Thanks to its high fructose content and low glucose levels, Monastic Chestnut Honey remains in fluid form without crystallizing for one to two years.

Mount Athos Chestnut Honey: Properties

Chestnut Honey of Mount Athos is particularly nutritious thanks to its high pollen grain content. Research has shown that Mount Athos Chestnut Honey has significant antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms such as Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, Helicobacter pylori and the two species of Candida. It also has a high bacteriostatic effect due to the fact that honey produced from chestnut flowers prevents the growth of bacterial attacks in human beings.

Origin: Iviron Cell of Holy Ascension
Net Weight: 450g / 950g


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