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The monastic elixir that helps fight diabetes mellitus is one of the finest formulations of the Mount Athos pharmacy. An excellent tincture which if used in accordance with the instructions and brings excellent results in health.
Net Weight: 30ml


The monastic elixir with vaxino regulates diabetes.

It contains vaxino, nettle, dandelion, artichoke and gkalegka.

It regulates sugar and prevents disease’s complications.

The Mount Athos Elixir is considered important, as long as it is combined with a balanced diet and medical monitoring.


Pour 15 drops in some water twice a day.

Suggested use:

At least for 1 month.

Vaxinos is diuretic, tonic, ascorbic, blood cleansing, laxative, lowers cholesterol, and enhances memory. It contains vitamins and almost all metals.

The monastic elixir with vaxino that regulates diabetes is traditionally prepared with the scientific expertise of Mount Athos Pharmacy in Karyes.

It is a 100% natural and authentic Mount Athos product

Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy
Net Weight: 30ml

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