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The Mount Athos elixir is  extremely beneficial in regulating blood pressure. What is more, it cleanses the body of toxins and lowers blood cholesterol.
Net Weight: 30ml

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Mount Athos Elixir that regulates high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels!

The monastic elixir to regulate high blood pressure is one of the excellent preparations of the Pharmacy of Mount Athos.

The elixir with burr for blood pressure contains burr, hawthorn, knotweed, hypericum and oak.

It is beneficial in regulating blood pressure.

Furthermore, it helps protect the hypertensive individuals from fluctuations of pressure and its complications.

Mount Athos elixir for high pressure contains burr, the most useful medicinal plant and is included in many combinations for different treatments.

It is a natural balancer to the functioning of kidneys, cleanses the body of toxins and lowers blood cholesterol.

The elixir vetiver for blood pressure is produced naturally and with scientific expertise in the Mount Athos Pharmacy that is located in Karyes.

It is a 100% natural product that is extremely beneficial for the health of the human body!


Pour 15 drops in some water twice a day.

Suggested use:

At least for 1 month.

Origin: St George Kalathas Cell – Mount Athos Pharmacy
Net Weight: 30ml

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