Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap


Authentic Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap. It is made with pure ingredients, the care and wisdom of the monks of Mount Athos. It cleanses and treats the skin in an absolutely natural way. Try it and feel natural protection on your skin.
Net Weight: 100gr

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Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap is a genuine monastic product. It is made by the monks in Holy Cell of Saint George, following authentic traditional recipes of Mount Athos. For its preparation, they are used only 100% natural ingredients which are derived from the Athonite land.

Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap is ideal for daily skin cleaning. It cleans the skin thoroughly while taking care of the skin. It also has a therapeutic effect against skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

Green Soap: Highly Moisturizing

Protecting the skin from dryness and dehydration is one of the greatest benefits of Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap. The glycerin substance it contains maintains hydration of the skin, pumping water even from the air. The green soap cleanses the skin without removing its natural fatty elements.

The natural composition of Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap leaves the pores of the skin free of perspiration. At the same time, it naturally protects the cells of the epidermis. The pure natural ingredients that is made of, with olive oil as key element, make it a hypoallergenic product.

Due to the softening nature of olive oil, Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap is the safest choice for sensitive skin.

Mount Athos Handmade Green Soap: Uses

In addition to personal hygiene, Green Soap can be used in cleaning and disinfecting the house. Dissolved in water, it is ideal for mopping. It also has bleaching properties. Combining it with a little white vinegar makes it an excellent cleanser for bathroom and kitchen. Also, Green Soap, thanks to its perfectly natural texture, is ideal for the cleanliness of baby clothes.

Origin: Holy Skete of Saint Anna- Holy Cell of Saint George
Net Weight: 100gr

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