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Handmade Athonite Incense from the Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine, Katounakia. Authentic monastic product, made with love and prayer. It has excellent quality and aroma that lasts during its burning.
Net Weight: 100gr

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Mount Athos Incense from Holy Cloister of Saint Catherine, Katounakia

Incense from Holy Cloister of Saint Catherine in Katounakia is a 100% authentic monastic product. Mount Athos fathers have a long tradition of making handmade incenses that stand out for their quality and aroma.
Incense comes from the Lebanese Tree. It is the aromatic resin or the gum that comes out of the cuts in the trunk of the particular tree. It is one of three gifts offered by the three Wise Men when they visited Jesus in Egypt.

You can find Mount Athos Incense in the following aromas: Amber, Cypress, Honeysuckle, Desert Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine, Nard, Myrrh, Rose and Smyrna. 

What does Incense symbolize?

Incense symbolizes our prayer that reaches the throne of God. Incense is placed inside the censer, on the burning carbon. Just as the charcoal is burned, Incense is warming up, melting and revealing its wonderful aromas.

Its smoke and aroma go up and symbolize the pray of the Christian. When pray is done with the warmth of their heart, it ascends to heaven and reaches God- Father, as Incense does.

The offering of incense is a commandment of God, from the Old Testament yet. This blessed habit is an element of Orthodox tradition and worship. “Let my prayer go up as an incense in front of You” refers to the second verse of 140 Psalm read every afternoon in the vesper sequence.

The burning of Incense is not only happening in the temple during the services of the Church. Every Christian in their house should follow this beautiful and blessed habit to be heard their prayer from God.

Incense from Holy Cloister of Saint Catherine will bring to you and your home the fragrance and the blessings of Mount Athos.


Origin: Holy Cloister of Saint Catherine, Katounakia, Mount Athos
Net Weight: 100gr

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