Mount Athos Nama- Ecclesiastical wine of Divine Liturgy


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Fine natural ecclesiastic wine produced and bottled in Mount Athos. Nama of Mount Athos, without sulfur and preservatives, is an excellent choice for Divine Liturgy. It contains only natural grape sugar. It has a low alcoholic degree (10%) to keep it from stunning.
Net Weight: 200ml

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Ecclesiastical Wine of Mount Athos Nama

Ecclesiastical wine of Divine Liturgy Nama is a genuine Athonite product. It is produced and bottled in Hut of Saint Nicholas, of the Holy Monastery of Iveron. It is prepared in a special way and a lot of care from dialect black grapes. It is red and sweet wine.

It contains only natural grape sugar and no sulfur and preservatives to keep it sweet after the addition of water in the mystery of Divine Liturgy. It maintains a low alcoholic degree (10% vol) to keep the priests from stunning after the abolition of the Divine Eucharist.

What is Ecclesiastical Wine of Divine Liturgy Nama?

Ecclesiastical Wine Nama is the wine used in the church for Divine Liturgy, the mystery of the Divine Eucharist. This mystery is a real bloodless sacrifice. It is the sacrifice of the Lord on the Cross, which is repeated in every divine service for the salvation of the world.

The other mysteries of the Church are given the grace of the Holy Spirit to sanctify the faithful. In the Divine Liturgy, however, Christ Himself, His body and His blood are provided. Believers take them to unite with the Lord and gain eternal life.

Nama is specially made because it is intended for the Divine Eucharist. This wine must not be mixed with water on its own, but it must be made of unripe wine as it was in antiquity.

During the Last Supper, where Jesus gave his disciples the mystery of the Divine Eucharist, he offered them a wine that was bland. According to Gospel, Jesus took a piece of bread, thanked God, blessed it, cut it into pieces, and gave it to His disciples, saying, “Take, eat, this is my body.” He took the wine, thanked His Father again and gave His disciples a drink by saying “Squeeze out of it all. This is my blood with which I seal the New Testament, my blood poured out for the salvation of many people. What I’m doing now, do it to remember me”.


Origin: Holy Hut of Saint Nicholas, Holy Monastery of Iveron
Net Weight: 200ml

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