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Mount Athos oregano oil is a strong natural antibiotic. It strengthens the immune system and helps the human body in cases of flu, viral infections, pneumonia, asthma, psoriasis, sinusitis, allergies, rheumatism, digestive disorders, diarrhea, collitis and bloating.
Net weight: 100ml

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Mount Athos Oregano Oil from the Holy Cell of Archangels | The natural antibiotic

Mount Athos oregano oil is a genuine monastery product. It is made by the monks of Holy Cell of Archangels which belongs to Hilandar Monastery.

Oregano oil is an incredible natural alternative to prescription antibiotics. The two powerful compounds of carvacrol and thymol that it contains have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Uses of Mount Athos Oregano Oil

The oil of oregano is taken by mouth for intestinal parasites, allergies, sinus pain, arthritis, cold and flu, swine flu, earaches, and fatigue. It is applied to the skin for skin conditions including acne, athlete’s foot, oily skin, dandruff, canker sores, warts, ringworm, rosacea, and psoriasis; as well as for insect and spider bites, gum disease, toothaches, muscle pain, and varicose veins. Oregano oil is also used topically as an insect repellent.

Special Precautions & Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Oregano oil is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth in medicinal amounts during pregnancy.

Bleeding disorders

Oregano oil might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.


Origin: Cell of Archangels · Holy Monastery of Hilandar – Mount Athos
Net weight: 100ml

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