Mount Athos Pine Honey (2 sizes)


Authentic Mount Athos Pine Honey. It is produced in the traditional way used by beekeepers monks in Mount Athos. Pure and natural, Pine Honey is collected and packed in the unique ecosystem of Athos.
Net Weight: 450 gr / 950 gr

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Mount Athos Pine Honey (2 sizes) – Pure monastic product with rich flavor

Mount Athos Pine Honey is a 100% pure and natural product. It is collected and packed with traditional methods used by beekeepers monks in Mount Athos. Monk Iakovos from the Holy Cell of the Divine Ascension of Iveron monastery, with personal care and passion, collects the best variety of honey from the Cell’s honeycombs.

With dark bronze to brown color, Mount Athos Pine Honey has a rich flavor. Each spoon of it reveals the scent of the forest and leaves a unique aftertaste in your mount.

Handmade monastic Pine Honey has low sugar content. For this reason it is particularly nutritious. It is an authentic Athonite product, suitable to be consumed by all ages.

Mount Athos Pine Honey combines all the beneficial properties of honey. Thanks to its high choline content, it is particularly helpful for people with constipation.

Mount Athos Pine Honey: Properties

Mount Athos Pine Honey has a high nutritional value compared to other varieties of honey. It is richer in trace elements, proteins and amino acids while it contains fewer calories. Rich in nutrients and with fewer sugary substances, Pine Honey is suitable as a sweet for diabetics, athletes and children.

Athonite Pine Honey is tonic to the human health & has strong antimicrobial properties. It helps reduce the ulcer and treat constipation. It also helps the heart function properly.

Enjoy one spoon of  authentic honey on a daily basis and improve your health in the most natural way!

Keep it in cool and dry place.

Origin: Holy Cell of the Divine Ascension 
Net Weight: 450 gr / 950 gr


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