Mount Athos Prayer Rope – 300 Knots


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Distinguished handmade Athonite Prayer Rope with 300 knots. It is made by Athonite fathers, following the long tradition of Mount Athos for the monks’ handiworks. It ends up with colored knots woven with a crochet.
Knots: 300
Colors: Red & Blue

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Mount Athos Prayer Rope with 300 knots and beads in two colors

Mount Athos Prayer Rope with 300 knots is an authentic Athonite handiwork as it is made by monks who are settling in Athos. Athonite fathers, with much prayer, effort and love, create handmade rosaries that carry to those who use them their blessings.

The handmade Prayer Rope of Mount Athos has 300 knots and intermediate colored beads that divide its knots into equal parts. Prayer Rope ends in black fringes.


It is available in two colors, red and blue, to choose what you prefer.

Prayer Rope: Monks’ Handiwork

Following the centuries-long monastic tradition, the monks, especially those who live in the holy monasteries of Mount Athos, are engaged throughout the day with some work. In addition to their treatises, manual works mostly for the monastery, create handmade handiworks.

The most common and popular of these is the Prayer Rope. Even at the time of their rest, the monks do not stop working on their own handiwork. At the same time, they pray warmly for the salvation of their souls as well as for those who will use the prayer ropes they make.

The handmade monks’ prayer ropes consist of 33, 100 or 300 knots. Each knot is made of 9 smaller ones. The Prayer Rope is an important aid for the time of prayer. Counting one of its knots, the prayer says the short wish “Lord Jesus Christ mercy on me”. Thus, they remain concentrated in their prayer.


Knots: 300
Colors: Red & Blue

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