DOKIMON Shampoo with Herbs | Holy Monastery of Vatopedi – Mount Athos


Athonite Shampoo with Herbs contains nettle, rosemary and honey. So, your hair is always shiny, strong and full of life. It also revitalize and nourish the hair roots and scalp. You can find it also, with conditioner.
Origin: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi | Mount Athos
Net Weight: 300ml



DOKIMON Shampoo with Herbs from Holy Monastery of Vatopedi

This Shampoo with Herbs and Honey from Holy Monastery of Vatopedi is a 100% Greek Athonite product. It contains honey and organic athonite herbs like nettle and rosemary. With its beneficial organic ingredients – nettle, rosemary and honey – it manages to not only revitalize and nourish the root of the hair, but it also strengthens limp-lifeless hair and fights dandruff while adding intensive softness to the hair. The organic-herbal extracts that it contains are collected on Mount Athos and in the area around the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi.

This genuine monastic handiwork is being produced and packaged at the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos.

The Shampoo with Herbs hydrates, protects and strengthens the damaged, thin and weak hair. It gives softness and freshness. Due to its conditioner your hair is soft and you can brush it without pain or damage.

How to use Dokimon Shampoo with Herbs:

  • Apply a small amount to wet hair
  • Gently massage
  • Rinse with water


This monastic shampoo contains organic herbs like nettle and rosemary; which offer strong protection against hair loss. They help wrejuvenate hair growth.

Moreover, Rosemary helps hair growth and stops hair loss. The nettle that grows in all Mount Athos countryside is perfect for normal hair, gives shine and helps their growth. Fights hair loss and stimulates hair.

The Monastic Hair Loss Shampoo with Herbs is an eclectic greek product, produced and packaged in the Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi. With the  blessing of the Holy Father of the Holy Monastery, we bring the athonite pure nature at home through our store and online store.

With this Shampoo with Herbs from the Holy Monastery of Vatopaidi, your hair are healthy, shine and with great volume. You can find the Athonite shampoo also, with conditioner.

Origin: Vatopedi Monastery, Mount Athos
Net Weight: 300ml

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