DOKIMON Soap Lavender | Holy Monastery of Vatopedi – Mount Athos


Mount Athos soap with lavender helps you sleep better at night and be more energetic by starting a day with a feeling of relaxation. After each bath, enjoy the relaxing properties of this miraculous soap!
Origin: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi | Mount Athos
Net Weight: 125g



Mount Athos Soap – Lavender from the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Agio Oros (Greece)

The aromatic Mount Athos Soap – Lavender and its organic herb extracts, is one more product of the DOKIMON therapeutic products Collection. this Collection is produced by the Holy Fathers of Mount Athos, and more specifically from the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi.

These soaps combine tradition with scientific expertise. Their essences and extracts are plant- based that nourish and scent the skin. The soap Dokimon with Lavender is a 100% natural and authentic product of Vatopedi Monastery. It is recommended for reddened and irritated skin, dry skin, acne and other skin conditions.

Mount Athos Soap – Lavender Properties

Lavender contains a complex mixture of substances with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and many healing properties.

Since the plant is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce itching, redness and swelling.

Recommeded use

Use the Mount Athos Soap – Lavender at your night bath, for starting your next morning with boosted energy and great essence. After each bath, enjoy the relaxing properties of this miraculous soap.

It also helps soothe irritated skin. It is suitable for all skin types, but particularly suitable for irritated skin from insect bites or other skin conditions.

Each soap has its own miraculous qualities. They produce a rich creamy lather and leave the skin soft. For each sensitivity and condition, the soaps of the Monastery of Vatopedi will satisfy even the most demanding skins.

With the care of nature, traditional handmade soaps of Vatopedi Monastery are available in a variety of essences, thanks to the fine herbs that they contain and provide benefits for all skin types.


The soap contains sodium palmate, water, sodium palm karnelate, glycerin, palm acid, parfum, Lavender flower extract, flower extract, pelargonium roseum leaf extract, palm kernel acid, citric acid, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep in a cool, dry place during storage and use.

100% natural product – 100% authentic Athonite product

Origin: Holy Monastery of Vatopedi – Mount Athos
Net Weight: 125g

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