White Vinegar with Herbs | Xenophontos Monastery – Mount Athos


A white apple cider vinegar from Mount Athos. A fine product from the athonite land which is very healthy and nutritious.



Origin: Xenophontos Monastery, Mount Athos 

Net weight: 250ml


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White Apple Cider Vinegar from Mount Athos

The white apple cider vinegar with herbs is produced and bottled by the monks of Xenophontos Monastery. Vinegar is an essential ingredient in cooking and salads. It is very light, aromatic and it preserves the taste and aroma of apple. In combination with the olive oil that is produced at the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos it accompanies wonderfully foods and salads. 

Nutritional Value

Vinegar gives its aroma and wonderful taste in vegetables, salads and a great variety of foods but at the same time has many benefits for the human body. Vinegar has antimicrobial and antioxidant action. It also lowers blood glucose levels,  helps to improve cholesterol levels and has antihypertensive effect. There is evidence from studies that vinegar helps people with osteoporosis, increases the absorption of calcium and non-haem iron and it has been confirmed that the consumption of vinegar contributes positively in the treatment of obesity.

It is known that vinegar is a great natural preservative for meat, fish and vegetables and it is used as the main ingredient in marinades. More specifically apple cider vinegar has vitamins A, B1 and C, a great number of amino acids, regulates digestion and activates the metabolism of the human body.


Origin: Xenophontos Monastery, Mount Athos 

Net weight: 250ml

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