Mount Athos Worry Beads – Natural nutmeg aroma


The Mount Athos worry beads – begleri give peace and joy during their playing & come in 2 colors: bordeaux and black. They bear a metal cross with the depiction of Virgin Mary on them.
Beads: 8

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Mount Athos Worry Beads with natural nutmeg aroma that are available in bordeaux and black color

The Mount Athos Begleri (worry beads) is an original and unique monastic handiwork. Its beads consist of 100% organic matter. It stands out thanks to its unique nutmeg aroma (Juniper plant). It does not lose its aroma and has a pleasant feeling in the hands.

The Mount Athos worry beads give peace and joy during their playing & come in 2 colors.

They bear a metal cross with the depiction of Virgin Mary on them.

A perfect gift for your loved ones, they are extremely rare and beautiful monastic handiworks that are available  exclusively via the Mount Athos Products Exhibition.

This product is 100% percent handmade and regularly updated in our exhibition. This is why it may present some variations in colors or patterns of materials. Contact us at 2310 456020 for information about available colors and designs.

Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: 8
Net Weight: 20g

Begleri (Greek: μπεγλέρι) is a small skill toy consisting of one or more beads at either end of a short string. The toy can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks. Begleri originated in Greece, and originally derived from the Greek rosary or komboloi, which serve the function of worry beads, and are often flipped around to pass the time or keep the hands busy. While komboloi have beads forming a closed circle, begleri beads are threaded on an open strand, usually in a symmetrical formation, with equal weighting at either end. Begleri come in many forms, consisting of semi-precious stone or metal beads.

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