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Blueberries (myrtle) have strong anti aging action and enhance vision, hearing as well as memory. They help improve heart and brain function as well as kidney & urinary tract health.
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MYRTLE from the new series of herbs “Monastic Recipes” by Monk Gymnasios and other Athonite Fathers.

Myrtle belongs to the series, “Monastic Recipes” that has been developed by father Gymnasios and other Athonite fathers. Myrtle is a source of eternal youth. Rich in antioxidants, it helps delay aging, improves heart and brain function, vision as well as kidney & urinary tract health. It also protects the deterioration of memory. It has been scientifically proven to be particularly effective in treating diabetes (alternative medicine therapy).

Myrtle leaves and fruit contain a unique combination of organic compounds and nutrients that make it not only an interesting dietary addition as a herb. Myrtle contains various antioxidants and flavonoid compounds, including myricetin, as well as quercetin, catechin, citric and malic acids, linalool, pinene, tannins, and other sugars. As you can see, this power-packed plant has the potential to significantly boost human health!

In ancient times it was considered a sacred plant and was often was associated with many deities, especially Venus. In medicine it was used for a variety of diseases.
You can drink it as a juice, or boil a large spoon of fresh or dry myrtles for 10 minutes in 1/4 liter of water.
Immune System: There has been a wide scope of research detailing the antibacterial and anti-parasiticnature of myrtle. For this reason, many people turn to this herb in order to boost the strength of their immune system.

Health Benefits of Myrtle

Hormone Balance: Extensive research has been conducted around the world regarding the effects of myrtle on the endocrine system, primarily in regulation of the thyroid gland. It has been shown that it can positively affect the release of hormones, including those related to the ovaries and women’s reproductive health.

Kidney Health: It also helps address the problem of high concentration of sugar in blood while one of the ancient applications of myrtle leaves was for the treatment of urinary tract or kidney issues. Myrtle can help to stimulate urination, thereby eliminating excess toxins, salts, fluids, and even fat, thereby helping to regulate the functions of your kidneys.

Heart Health: The various flavonoids found in myrtle, including myricetin, have been shown to reduce theoxidization of bad cholesterol(LDL cholesterol), which means that your cholesterol levels will remain balanced, your blood vessels and arteries won’t be clogged, atherosclerosis won’t occur, and your cardiovascular system will be protected from coronary heart disease and strokes.

Diabetic Control: Although the jury is still technically out on this health benefit of myrtle, early reports indicate that the volatile compounds and flavonols in myrtle canreduce blood sugar plasma, which means that it would be able to help regulate blood sugar in the body. This would be a major boost for diabetic patients who need to monitor their blood glucose levels at all times.

Keep in cool and shady areas.

Origin: St. George Kalathas Cell, Mount Athos Pharmacy, Karyes
Net Weight: 200g

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