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An innovative and exceptional monastic product in order to combat nail fungus in the most natural way! The nail fungus oil immediately restores damaged nails.
Net weight: 10ml

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Monastic Oil for Nail fungus

Discover a unique monastic Oil with powerful effect against fungi and healing properties. It immediately restores damaged nails in the most natural way.

Monastic Oil for nail fungus is a 100% natural product which is made by the nuns from the holy monastery of Ascension.

Nuns with wisdom and respect to nature carefully select the herbs that grow on the blessed mountainsides of Mount Paggaio. With these organic herbs they make a wide variety of product with unique beneficial properties. Among them the nail fungus oil stands out with its amazing action.


Content: essential oil of tea tree, oregano & lavender.

Monastic Oil for Nail fungus: healing properties

This natural nail fungus treatment has anti-fungal ingredients that destroy infections. Using it can help prevent the infection from spreading to other nails because it contains ingredients that prevent the growth of fungus.


Monastic Nail fungus oil is formulated with substantial anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties & absorbs quickly into the skin making it easy to keep up with consistent applications.


Usage: Apply on a clean nail with the brush twice a day.

Ingredients: myrrh, oregano & thyme extracts, vinegar.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Ascension
Net weight: 10ml

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