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Handmade monastic Narcissus Beeswax Cream is made with the care of monks and pure natural ingredients. The mixture of narcissus, propolis and essential oils it contains acts positively and relieves cold & flu, rheumatism and muscle aches.
Net Weight: 30g

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Monastic Narcissus Beeswax Cream for Muscle Pains · Rheumatism · Cold & Flu

Narcissus Beeswax Cream is a 100% handmade and authentic monastic product. It is made only from natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives. The nuns of the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas, with care and diligence, carefully choose the raw materials they use to create therapeutic beeswax creams.

The mixture of narcissus, propolis and various essential oils in the beeswax cream acts positively and relieves rheumatism, neck pain, a variety of muscular pains as well as pains of colds.

Narcissus Beeswax Cream: Ingredients

Monastic Narcissus Beeswax Cream contains pure beeswax, alcoholic solution of propolis, balsam oil, sunflower oil, essential oils of rosemary, carnation, thyme, pine and narcissus.

Narcissus Beeswax Cream: Properties

Thanks to the essential oils it contains, monastic Narcissus Beeswax Cream relieves from muscular pains, pains of cold and rheumatism pains.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Helps in blood circulation and to deal with fluid retention. Relieves from arthritis, muscle aches and soothes tired and swollen legs.

Carnation Essential Oil: It is antiseptic and helps to improve memory.

Thyme Essential Oil: It has antiseptic properties. It relieves from respiratory problems, sinusitis, colds and viral infections.

Pine Essential Oil: It has strong antiseptic effect on the respiratory system. It relieves from asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, flu and colds. It rejuvenates the brain and body from physical fatigue.

Narcissus Essential Oil: It is thought to suppress the nervous system. It relaxes body and spirit. It helps to discharge the mind and body after a long day. It gives peace of mind after intense activity. Narcissus has a high galanthamine content that is used to treat neuralgia but also in ophthalmology and gastroenterology.


Due to the action of essential oils, it is advisable that Narcissus Beeswax Cream is used with doctor’s advice. Especially, women who are in pregnancy or during the period of breastfeeding should be very careful.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas
Net Weight: 30g

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