Neck Cross – Gold Plated Silver (100X)


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Elegant monastic neck cross that is adorned with silver and cross! It stands out thanks to its engraved details and carries the blessings of the Orthodox Monks whose handiwork is the production of collectible neck crosses.
Materials: Silver & Gold


Neck Cross with gold – silver and engraved details

Neck Cross – Amulet with silver and gold, made with the effort, passion and prayer of our Orthodox Monks.

It is a unique monastic handiwork that stands out thanks to its engraved details. On the left and right side of the cross the Greek inscription IC XC stands out while on the upper and lower side it is written in Russian IН ЦI which means Jesus Christ.

It is a very stylish artwork that is meant to be worn as jewelry, while at the same time it functions as an amulet for protection. The monks who make them accompany their work with unceasing prayer giving to the monastic cross unique blessings.

Neck Cross: what is it made of?

It is made of silver and gold exclusively, two materials long-lasting and suitable for continuous use. The monastic patterns that have been carved on it reveal the detailed work that has been done.

Because of its distinctive size and minimum weight, the Neck Cross is suitable to be worn daily by men, women and children of all ages. Thanks to its meticulous workmanship, it can be used as a baptismal cross as well. It is the ideal gift for your loved ones in order to protect and guard them.

*  You can combine the Neck Cross with 60cm silver chain which has an extra 20 Euros cost.

Cross: a unique symbol of faith and salvation

Jesus Christ, with his crucifixion, turned the cross into a symbol of His infinite love for human beings. Before Lords Crucifixion, Cross was considered a symbol of disgrace and punishment while after that it became an emblem of glory and honor. Thus, the Cross is for the Orthodox

Church a symbol of salvation & grace. This is why it is necessary for all Christians to wear a cross around their necks, both as a testimony of faith as well as a necessary protective amulet.

* Combine the neck cross with a silver 40 cm chain that costs 10€ or a 60cm silver chain that has an extra cost of 20€.

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Materials: Silver & Gold

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