Neck Cross- Crucified- Byzantine Inscription- 2106


Handmade imposing monastic Neck Cross with the Crucified and the Byzantine inscription NIKA. It is made of silver and has golden outline, it is surrounded by elaborate designs. On its back side, it carries silver embossed monastic patterns.
Materials: Silver 925° , Gold 999°

Weight of cross: 7gr

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Monastic Neck Cross with the Crucified and the Byzantine inscription NIKA is an authentic handmade creation. It is made with special care by Orthodox monks.

On the front side, Neck Cross carries the relief of the Crucified, with the first letters of Jesus’ Christ name. Above the Crucified, there is the Byzantine inscription NIKA that points to the vision of Constantine the Great before the crucial battle of the Mulvia bridge against Maxentius.

The back side of the Neck Cross is decorated with silver relief monastic patterns and surrounded by golden outline.

The cross of the Lord is a symbol of faith and amulet for the Christians by the powers of the wicked.

Combine the neck cross with a silver 40 cm chain that costs 10€ or a 60cm silver chain that has an extra cost of 20€.

Materials: Silver, Gold

Dimensions: 4 x 2,1 x 0,25 cm

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Weight0.067 kg