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Enjoy delicious meals, fasting and nutritious, thanks to the nuns’ love. The authentic flavor of the monastic tradition blends with the delicacy of vegetables and composes monastic noodles with pumpkin, spinach and onion.
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Noodles with Pumpkin, Spinach & Onion from the Holy Monastery of Ascension

Noodles with pumpkin, spinach and onion are a genuine monastic product. Made with care and pure raw materials, they add special taste to recipes of Greek cuisine.

The nuns at the Holy Monastery of Ascension, based on traditional recipes, create excellent homemade pasta. Noodles are a complete and nutritious meal. You can cook them plain but also combine them with various meats.

Monastic Noodles: Nutritional Value

Monastic Noodles are a pure food that provides energy and valuable nutrients to the human body. They have high content of complex carbohydrates. Their essential ingredients are flour, semolina, fresh milk and eggs. They are a complete meal that gives the body energy, vitamins and proteins.

Lovers of traditional and authentic flavors will especially appreciate the monastic noodles. Healthy and nutritious, they can be eaten plain or with cheese and / or meat. Due to their high nutritional value and pure ingredients, egg noodles are an ideal food for children.

They can be cooked as a soup, but also in the oven, with different kinds of cheese and / or meat.

Monastic Noodles: Ingredients

Monastic Noodles contain wheat flour (contains gluten), semolina (contains gluten), 40% vegetables (pumpkin, spinach, onion, Florina pepper, tomato) and salt.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from sun.


Origin: Holy Monastery of Ascension
Net Weight: 450gr

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