Glass Oil Lamp – Two colours


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A beautiful oil lamp that comes with a metallic base with an elaborate decoration. It comes in two different colours, gold and red.


Dimensions: 8.5 x 9 cm



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Oil lamp with a metallic base 

This is a table oil lamp with a metallic base that has an elaborate decoration and comes in two different colours, gold and red. It is made with high quality glass, is very elegant, it gives a beautiful light depending the colour of the oil lamp we have chosen and fits in every house. It has the ability to burn for many hours with high quality olive oil. This oil lamp can also be a great present for your friends or relatives because of its high quality.

What does the oil lamp symbolizes

According to Orthodox tradition we have a burning oil lamp in our house as a sign of respect to God, Virgin Mary and Saints. The burning oil lamp is a practice with a strong Christian symbolism, as this particular light is likened to the Light of Jesus Christ that lights up every person, while at the same time reminds us that we, Christians, must be the lights of this world. The flame on the oil lamp reminds us that our faith is light.

The oil lamp also reminds us the need of praying and helps us to enlighten the room and send the darkness and evil away. Our oil lamp is a piece of offering and gratitude with which we thank God for our life, salvation and for everything He offers to us with His great love. According to traditions the oil of the oil lamp must be premium quality olive oil.


Dimensions: 8.5 x 9 cm

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