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This unique soap with laurel from the Holy Monastery of Saint James effectively combats hair loss. Net weight 110g

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A few words about the Honey Soap with Laurel from the workshop of the Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just – Greece, which is a genuine monastic product.


Rain water without salts and chlorine for more effective skin cleansing.
Coconut oil: it is the best natural disinfectant and has high glycerin content. Sodium Hydroxide,
Beeswax: Antibacterial and healing properties
Organic Olive Oil: Healing, antimicrobial, disinfectant and anti dandruff. It regenerates and maintains the elasticity of the cells without leaving residues.
Honey: It is bacteriostatic and antioxidant and has high pollen levels. It protects, stimulates, heals and cleanses the skin.
Laurel: Herbal beverage (sedge, cypress, nettle, rosemary).

Use: Face, body, hair
Net weight: 115g
Made in Greece

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