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Holy Theotokos, the merciful mother of all people, performs countless miracles to those who call upon her name. Thus, she has received the name Panagia Giatrissa. Her icon is crafted in the workshop of the distinguished hagiographer Father Pefkis.



Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm

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Hagiography with Panagia Giatrissa in antique painting technique

Holy Theotokos is the affectionate mother of all people. Christians pray and submit their pain, their problems, their sufferings and their desires to her.

Saying prayers to the Virgin Mary, they ask for her help. Especially in the cases of illness, they ask the Virgin Mary to help with the mediations to her Son and her grace, soothe the pain of the patients and heal them.

Panagia Giatrissa is one of the many names of the Virgin Mary. She heals the passions of the souls and the bodies of the faithful. It is the one that alleviates the pains and aspires to give courage and strength.

In Greece there is a temple dedicated to Panagia Giatrissa, located in Loutraki, Corinthia. There is also a historic monastery in Taygetos, which is dedicated to Panagia Giatrissa.

The Virgin Mary Giatrissa, which is crafted by the student of Athoniada father Pefkis, is depicted on her own, without Jesus in her arms. She wears a blue tunic and a purple mantle. Her hands extend to a stand of obedience. Her warm gaze expresses her love and affection for her people, her children, for the pains and problems they are experiencing. The movement of her hands shows her merciful mood to direct herself to help those who invoke it by faith.

Hagiography in antique painting technique

The icon with Panagia Giatrissa has been crafted by Father Pefkis and bears his signature, which also means the authenticity of this copy, which thus bears the seal of the tradition of Mount Athos.

Hagiography has been crafted with excellent quality materials in natural wood. The painted surface is covered with a pure beeswax to keep it intact with bright colors. The handmade antique painting technique, which has been applied by the painter Father Pefkis, a graduate of the Athonian School, makes the icon collectible.

The Byzantine iconography of Father Pefkis, since 1980, deals with the production of copies of portable icons of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine period in accordance with the Athonite style.



Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm

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