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Discover a unique and exceptional Mount Athos aromatic product. Athonite perfume is made of authentic Mount Athos’ myrh by the monks of the Garden of Virgin Mary.
Net weight: 50ml

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Mount Athos Perfume in myrh’s aroma

Mount Athos perfume is made of flowers and aromatic herbs which blossom on the Garden of Virgin Mary. The herbs and flowers are collected exclusively by Athonite Monks from the Holy Cell of Saint Nicholas. It is a 100% natural product that contains no preservatives and stands out with its unique & wonderful aroma.

With respect to nature and the age-old monastic tradition, Athonite Fathers utilize the traditional recipes that are kept in Mount Athos Monasteries. The herbs and flowers that grow on the blessed mountainsides and mountaintops of Blessed Athos are mixed with their love and care and impress with the final product.

Mount Athos Cologne: Usage

Mount Athos cologne stands out with its wonderful aroma. It is available in an elegant, glass bottle with a spraying system. Thanks to its discreet packaging you can have it always with you while it also fits your bag. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones.

It is ideal for perfuming or deodorizing your house, Holy Temples & Icons since it emits Athonite blessings.

Myrrh: Blessed and Healing

In addition to blessing and symbolic significance, Athonite Myrrh is an oil with strong healing properties. Myrrh has astringent, antioxidant, antimicrobial, expectorant, tonic, healing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-reflux properties.

It has a special and wonderful aroma which peace human body and mind.


Origin: Holy Cell of Saint Nicholas, Karyes
Net weight: 50ml

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