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100% pure Poppy Seeds from Mount Athos with strong  hypnotic, emollient, antitussive & antispasmodic properties. They are used as spices in bakery and pastry!
Net Weight: 50g

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Poppy Seeds from Mount Athos Pharmacy in Karyes

Discover your new daily diet habit with our monastic Poppy Seeds. Their multiple therapeutic properties and wonderful taste will amaze you. Due to their nutrient ingredients and their unique delightful taste, Poppy Seeds will offer you tasteful and absolutely beneficial recipes.

Poppy Seeds’ Healing Properties

They are hypnotic, emollient, antitussive, antispasmodic and against overstimulation. Poppy tea has euphoric and sedative properties. Treats sore throat and cough.

Poppy Seeds in Cooking

You can use them, both in cooking and pastry. They are used as spice in breads or as a tasty ingredient in sweets. You can add them to your own recipes for salads and pasta for a more refined taste. It is perfectly combined with potatoes and pies, in sweet or salty recipes. Don’t afraid to add a decoration with this natural nutrient as topping in every of your creation.

What to pay attention when using poppy seeds?

They are used both whole and crushed. However, we would recommend to avoid buying already crushed them. The reason behind this lies in the reaction of the spice, to the oxygen. The oils in the atmosphere results in seeds’ rancid.

It is not easy to grind the seeds if you do not have a special mill. Use an electric coffee grinder or the special attachment for nuts braking in the blender. But if you intend to use them in a beverage or food or sauce, soak them in advance in water for several hours.

Poppy seed tea preparation (poppy seed tea)

Grind the desired quantity and boil 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Then mix with cold juice or soda.

Origin: Mount Athos Pharmacy, Karyes

Net Weight: 50g

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