Prayer Rope – 100 Knots & Embedded Cross

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Prayer Rope with embedded cross is a special monastic handicraft. It differs from other ropes as its cross is contained between its knots. It has 100 knots.
Net Weight: 24gr

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Monastic Prayer Rope with Embedded Cross and 100 Knots

Prayer Rope with embedded cross is a genuine monastic handicraft. It is handmade. It is made with a lot of prayer by the nuns at the Holy Monastery of Saint Nikolaos in Serres.

Following the monastic tradition of centuries, the nuns create excellent handicrafts, with prayer rope be the most common, while praying to God for the salvation of all people. Their handicrafts are genuine monastic creations and transfer to those who use them a lot of blessings.

Monastic Prayer Rope with embedded cross is made of 100 knots. Its knit is loose. There are three beads between its knots. What distinguishes this special prayer rope is that its cross does not hang on its edge but it is contained between its knots.

It is available in three colors: black, red, light blue and blue.

What is the Prayer Rope?

Prayer Rope is a rope, usually made of black wool or silk thread, knotted in knots, 33, 100 or 300. It is an important aid to prayer. It is used by both monks and clergy as well as by the lay people.

Each part in the Prayer Rope is symbolic. The most common color for the Prayer Rope is black, which symbolizes the mourning of Christians for their sins. Prayer Rope ends up on a cross to remind those who use it the crucifixion sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of all people.

How is Monastic Prayer Rope used?

Prayer Rope is an extremely useful aid for the prayer time and worship of the Church. In every knot, we invoke the name of the Lord, saying the short prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, be merciful to me.”

Having in our hands the Monastic Prayer Rope and telling the wish in every knot, we dedicate ourselves to prayer. Our mind is concentrated during the services and is dedicated to the words of prayer.

Origin: Holy Monastery of Saint Nikolaos, Serres
Net Weight: 24g

Colors: Black | Red | Light Blue | Blue

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