Prayer Rope – Crucified · Virgin Mary | Onyx · Silver & Gold


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Mount Athos prayer rope is an elegant creation that will adorn your neck and offer you protection. It is made of semi-precious stones, silver and gold and is a real monastic artwork which stands out thanks to the high quality materials that it is made of.
Length: 29cm | Dimensions of the cross: 3.8×3cm

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Mount Athos Prayer Rope with Onyx, Silver and Gold!

Mount Athos Prayer Rope depicting the Crucified is a unique and elegant monastic handiwork. It is made with love and care by Greek Orthodox Monks and carries their blessings to those who wear it.
Mount Athos Monks make use of all materials for the glory of God. With love and passion they process semiprecious stones and create precious handiworks which carry their blessings to those who use them.

Prayer rope: characteristics

Mount Athos prayer rope is made of silver 925 and gold. It consists of 60 beads. On its one side, the embossed form of the Crucified surrounded by monastic motives stands out. On the other side elegant motives are depicted.

Mount Athos Handiworks: the tangible love of Monks!

The daily life of Monks includes heartfelt prayers and the participation in liturgies which take place inside the Monastery. At the same time all Monks are assigned with a certain task in the Monastery which is called deaconship.

The most common Monks occupation is the handiwork. They create a wide range of products with their bare hands, according to the rich Athonite tradition. These handmade products are made with love & care while carrying the blessings of the genuine monastic tradition.

Length: 29cm | Dimensions of the cross: 3.8 x3 cm
Origin: Mount Athos

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