Prayer Rope with Metal Cross – 100 Knots


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Discover an authentic Handmade Prayer Rope from Mount Athos. It is decorated with beads in green color. It ends up in a metal cross and fringes. It is an essential aid for the time of prayer and meditation.
Knots: 100
Beads: Green

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Prayer Rope with Metal Cross and 100 Knots with green beads!

Prayer Rope with Metal Cross is an authentic Mount Athos handiwork. Based on the centuries old monastic tradition, Prayer Rope is made with much love & prayer from the monks and carries their blessings.

Following the wise words of enlightened Mount Athos Fathers, the monks who live on the Garden of Virgin Mary, are constantly praying and working hard for the salvation of our souls. In addition to their intellectual activities, they are responsible for, manual work and occupied with the creation of a variety of objects. These handmade products are the so-called monk’s handiwork. The most famous of these are Prayer Ropes.

Prayer Rope: how is it made and what is it made of?

Each knot of the Prayer Rope consists of nine other smaller knots. While creating each one of them, the monks pray warmly. When they are praying, they ask God to have mercy on them, but also to protect those who use the Prayer Rope.

Its knit is tight. The knots from Prayer Rope are divided into equal parts with intermediate beads in green color. Next to the colorful beads, Prayer Rope is decorated with smaller metal beads.

In its lower side, the Prayer Rope has a metallic cross. Beneath the cross, the Prayer Rope ends up in black fringes.

Prayer Rope and Prayer

The Prayer Rope is a necessary aid for prayer time. It is made by monks but is used by lay people and clergymen as well. With Prayer Rope in their hands, Christians keep their minds concentrated on the prayer and dedicated to their conversation with God.


Knots: 100
Origin: Mount Athos
Beads: green

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