Prayer Worry Beads – Nutmeg Wood | 33 Beads


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Made with love and care from monks at Mount Athos, as part of their monastic life, these prayer worry beads are a very elegant handiwork. It consists from 33 beads of nutmeg wood with great aroma.


Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33

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Prayer worry beads from nutmeg wood

Prayer worry beads from Mount Athos stands out for their elegant design and the skills of the monks. This handiwork consists of 33 beads from nutmeg wood with an excellent aroma and it also has an embedded metallic cross, the best known symbol of Christianity. Every monk at the monasteries of Mount Athos has a specific task which accompanies his monastic life. Most of the monks are making beautiful handiworks with patience and love. These prayer worry beads are such a handiwork by monks at Mount Athos. With their great skills they make products that people can have with them all day long and feel like they keep a little piece of this Holy place, Mount Athos. The incomes from the sales are used from the monks for maintenance and repair of buildings and also for restoration works.

Prayer Worry Beads: Characteristics

These prayer worry beads are an authentic monastic product from Mount Athos. Following tradition of many years ago monks make these handiworks with care and love. This handiwork consists of 33 beads. This number is symbolic as it represents the age that Jesus Christ completed his noble work on earth and he was crucified and resurrected. When you use prayer worry beads it helps in concentration and maintaining inner peace. It can be a great present for friends and relatives.


Origin: Mount Athos

Beads: 33



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