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Important is the antihistaminic action of propolis since in combination with pollen it helps reduce patients’ allergic symptoms.

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The healing properties of propolis have been known since antiquity, as it was widely used as a medicine thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. Today in the Holy Monastery of Saint James the Just, the Holy fathers collect propolis that the bees produce in the hives of the Greek Orthodox Monastery.

This exceptional monastic product is available in various forms (pastes, bees-wax creams, tinctures and propolis exctracts). Propolis in grain form can be consumed daily .

It has the texure of a gum and needes to be chewed.

In this way propolis is naturally decomposed and the substance passes into the human body and enhances the immune system! At the same time important is its antihistaminic action since propolis in combination with pollen helps reduce patients’ allergic symptoms. Store the product in a cool and shady place.


Propolis in Grain Form is a chewable product. It is recommended to chew 2 or 3 grains every morning for enough time and then you must spit the paste that is created. You must not swallow the grains.


Net weight: 50g

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