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Set of four stylish aromatic tealights, made from pure beeswax. They are in the shape of a rose and a blister. They have fragrance of sandalwood and vanilla and flood your place with monastic scent.
Net Weight: 90g

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Pure Beeswax Tealights from Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas

The set of four stylish aromatic candles is a genuine monastic product. It is made of pure beeswax in the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas.

The two candles are roses-shaped and the other two blisters. They emerge sandalwood and vanilla aroma. They are discreet and elegant, ideal for decorating your space and spreading sweet fragrance when you light them up.

The set with the four aromatic tealights is available in a plastic box for you to offer as a gift.

Handmade pure beeswax: Properties

Beeswax is a bee gift to humans. It has been used since antiquity to date in many cases and, above all, for worship purposes. It symbolizes the light that guides humans in their spiritual path.

As the beeswax tealights burn, they offer rich light, discreet natural smell, without any toxicity, helping to clean the air from dust, odors, toxins, pollen and viruses. For those who have allergies and sensitivity to chemicals, burning pure beeswax is the natural choice.

Beeswax gives much more burn time. It is friendly to the environment and harmless to human health. It does not emit any carcinogen or dangerous ingredient as opposed to paraffin wax that produces many unhealthy byproducts as it burns.


Net Weight: 90g

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