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Ranger Beads Prayer Rope with 11 knows is a military rosary that is knitted with a thick, durable thread and is hung by a hoop in the form of a key chain.
Beads: 11 | Colors: Khaki & Black
Origin: Mount Athos

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Mount Athos Ranger Beads Prayer Rope – Special Forces • Military Rosary

Mount Athos Prayer Rope with its 11 knots is a genuine Mount Athos handiwork. It is made with love, effort and lots of prayer by Orthodox Monks who live on the Garden of Virgin Mary.

Mount Athos Monks follow an age – old tradition in order to create a wide range of handiworks. They accompany their work with heartfelt prayers for the salvation of their souls as well as for the protection of all Christians. This is the reason why these handiworks carry the blessings of Mount Athos Monks to the ones who use them.

Ranger Beads Prayer Rope – Military Rosary | Characteristics

Originally developed by military forces, ranger pace-counting beads are a great way to measure distances travelled by foot. The beads are moved at various distances to count your total distance walked.

Great for Scouts, back-packers, people who like dangling bits of string with beads on it, they’re used to keep track of how far you’ve gone while doing land navigation.

The ranger beads prayer rope is made of 11 knots and parachute paracord in order to be more durable during its usage. It ends up in a strengthened Russian style cross with a hoop.

Among its 11 knots and the hanging cross, a strengthened hoop stands out. At its one side, the prayer rope is hung by a hoop in the form of a key chain, in order for you to hang it on your jacket, your belt and your luggage and never lose it.

Ranger Beads Prayer rope is available in two colors: khaki & black

Ranger Beads Prayer Rope – Military | Usage

Ranger Beads Prayer Rope is lightweight and durable it fits any place and you can always carry it with you. It is extremely useful for the time of prayer and meditation. It is also extremely helpful for those with difficult working conditions, for hikers or those who belong to law enforcement agencies and armed forces.

Knots: 11
Origin: Mount Athos

Discover authentic monastic Prayer Ropes which are handmade by Greek Orthodox Monks!

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